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Vagabond House


Marine Life Large Stoneware Tray

Crabs, cockles, clams and prawns, intricately and realistically detailed in pure Vagabond House pewter are clustered to form the handles of our large, lustrous oval Marine Life Stoneware Serving Tray. Perfect for serving a seafood feast and expressing your marine style, these trays are also the perfect gifts for your hosts.

  • The perfect seaside tray Shellfish handles made of pewter that accent your favorite ocean dish
  • Twice fired white stoneware tray with handcrafted pewter handles
  • Magnificent design you will want to leave out all the time. Generous serving size for large parties.
  • Hand wash in warm water, use mild non-acidic soap. Rinse, dry completely. Dishwasher safe
  • Sturdy box made to give with wrap with pride or just add a bow
  • Size:22" L x 14" W x 2" H